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Capricorn 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

Capricorn expects to have a prosperous year in 2012 thanks to the influence from Jupiter and Uranus. On the other hand the impact from Saturn may cause you to become constrained, stubborn and over cautious. Overall Capricorn needs to take advantage of the good opportunities that Jupiter and Uranus create for him/her in 2012.


For single Capricorn 2012 is likely to be an uneventful year. You may have opportunities of meeting someone but the progress of your relationship tends to be very slow. Try to be more proactive and accommodating. At the beginning and end of the year Capricorn expect to be troubled by relationship. Summer is a good time for Capricorn to meet someone.

For Capricorn in a relationship your relationship may become a bit stale and boring, even though there are no conflicts or arguments. Capricorn may feel confused and does not know what to do in the future. It is important to be open to the other party about your feelings.

Money Management

Overall Capricorn's financial status expects to be stable in 2012. During the first few months of the year Capricorn needs to watch out for unplanned expenses. In summer especially in May and June Capricorn will have good income. In autumn Capricorn needs to be careful on financial management. In winter there are still opportunities for you to make extra income.

Academic Guidance

In spring Capricorn expects to feel stressed in school. Try to be more positive and disciplined. From April on you expect to perform better in school and will do well in exams. In summer you will make lots of progress academically and will continue to perform well in exams. From August on your performance will remain the same until the end of the year.


For Capricorn looking for a job you may feel confused as to what you should do in 2012. This will give you extra stress when you seek a job. During the first half of the year there will be very good opportunities coming up, try to make the most of them.

For Capricorn working in the office there will be few changes. You will perform well at work. Try to avoid delaying anything otherwise it will lead your boss to have a bad impression of you.


Overall Capricorn will be in good health in 2012. Areas that you need to pay attention to are problems linked to stomach, appendages, bones, joints and nose. You expect to feel weak in February and March. Try to take better care of yourself.


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