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Capricorn 2016 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2016 expects to be a busy year for Capricorn. You may require travelling more for your work and there are likely to be further study opportunities. You may experience frictions for your relationship with your family and people at work. Try to stay patient to deal with personnel related issues. During the second half of the year, you expect to have more time for your family, home as well as dealing with your real estate investments.


For single Capricorn, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet someone that you like. Try to be more forward if you like someone. For Capricorn in a relationship, your partner expects to offer you great support when you are in difficulties. Try to trust your partner more as your distrust is not good for your relationship.

Money Management

Capricorn may encounter opportunities to earn additional income during the first half of the year, including entering into a business partnership with others or making investments. Try to avoid been greedy. Overall you may find your expense increases in 2016 due to social networking. Try to budget more and plan your cash flow carefully.

Academic Guidance

Capricorn expects to have a smooth year. During the second half of the year, it is maybe beneficial for you to work on your language and business skills. It is important to focus more on your study in February, March, June and July. Try to resist external temptations between October and December as they may affect your school performance.


Capricorn expects to have a prosperous year in 2016. Though there may be lots of challenges at work you expect to overcome them with your experience and confidence. Try to build a good relationship with others otherwise they may have a negative impact on your work. Avoid conflicts and try to be deal with problems in an objective manner.


You need to pay more attention to your health. Be wary of any brain or bone injuries. It is important to go and see a doctor if you feel unwell. Avoid driving if you are angry or upset, and it is important to avoid speeding or driving after excessive drinking.


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