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Capricorn and Snake Personality




Capricorn-Snake is calm, tasteful and trustworthy.

You pay great attention to your appearance and you are very compassionate.

Capricorn-Snake deals with problems in a good manner. You are willing to share your fortune with others and you seldom take others' opinions seriously.

You can be wasteful and you have great need to pursue fame and fortune.


Capricorn-Snake is very romantic in a relationship.

To be Capricorn-Snake ideal partner, you need to be patient, accommodating, calm and very considerate.


Capricorn-Snake gets along well with Taurus-Ox, Taurus-Rooster, Leo-Ox, Leo-Rooster, Virgo-Ox, Virgo-Rooster, Scorpio-Ox, Scorpio-Rooster, Pisces-Ox and Pisces-Rooster.

You find it hard to get along with Aries-Monkey, Aries-Tiger, Gemini-Monkey and Gemini-Tiger.

Try also to avoid Aries-Rooster.


Capricorn-Snake is destined to be influential.

Suitable professions for Capricorn-Snake are president, entrepreneur, film celebrity, model, advertising manager, religious leader and director.

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