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Capricorn Kid Personality Traits

Born Dec 22~Jan 19Ruling PlanetSaturn
SymbolThe Sea GoatElementEarth
Basic TraitI UseClosest MetalLead
Lucky DaySaturdayQualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesSecluded placesLucky Numbers3, 7
Lucky ColorBlack, Earth Tones, Indigo and Orange
Lucky FlowersIvy, Pansy and Amaranthus
Lucky GemsGarnet
Ruling GoldGreek-Coronus; Roman-Saturn
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A Capricorn child often matures at an early age. You should try to talk to him/her as a friend in order to win his/her trust and attention. He/She is strong minded and generally has a positive outlook towards life.

He/She is never afraid of speaking up his/her mind. He/She is sensible and reasonable most of the time. Because of that you normally grant his/her demands. A Capricorn child is organized and enjoys it when everything is in proper order.

A Capricorn child is very close to his/her parents and he/she is always greatly attached to the home when he/she is away. He/She is responsible and studies hard.

A Capricorn child always craves for growing up. He/She normally takes great interest in art and music. He/She rarely spends any time on unconstructive things such as playing computer games. As his/her parents you should encourage him/her to go out more.

He/She is polite, genuine and very modest. He/She never means to hurt anyone. He/She can be very patient and accommodating if need be. A Capricorn child takes interest in the opposite sex. But he/she is often very shy and timid in front of a girl.

A Capricorn kid knows to respects elders and is always very helpful. He/She rarely shouts at people even if they offend him/her. He/She is practical and rarely allows himself/herself to get indulged in any childish fantasies.

As his/her parents you should never need to worry about him/her. He/She knows to look after you at a very early age and home to him/her is always the most important place in this world.

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